Geotrichum Sp.

Genus/species: Geotrichum Sp. (Trichosporon (obsolete)) most common species is G. candidum

Classification: Ascomycete


  • Cell: smooth, cylindrical arthroconidia
  • Colony: Dextrose agar: flat, white, dry, fast-growing
  • Spore: arthroconidia.  conidiophores absent.
  • Zygote:
  • Ascus:
  • Liquid Growth:

Physiological Traits:

Arthroconidia germinate to form septate mycelium.

Ecological Traits:

A very common fungus with worldwide distribution found in soil, water, sewers etc. as well as plants and plant products and is normal in human flora; also found in ripened cheese and other dairy products.

Distinguishing Features:

Microscopically, hyphae are septate and branch into chains of barrel-shaped arthroconidia. Macroscopically, colonies become slimy and cream colored when smeared.

Role in wine:  

Can be found on the surface of grapes; no role in winemaking


  • SO2______
  • Sorbate­­­­­_____
  • DMDC______
  • pH______
  • Acids______
  • Ethanol______
  • Anaerobiosis_______
  • Heat: Sensitive