Admission as a Freshman

Prospective students should take college preparatory courses that will challenge them to work hard and will prepare them beyond minimum levels of competence in reading, writing and mathematics. A student who is well prepared for university work will have taken four years of English in high school, four years of mathematics, two to three years of foreign language, two to three years of laboratory science, one year of history, and one or more years of art or humanities as outlined in the links below. Please see UC Davis Admissions for a complete list of requirements, and to apply to UC Davis.

Admission as a Transfer Student

Transfer student admission is limited to the fall. Applications are due in November for the matriculation the following fall. You are encouraged to contact an undergraduate adviser in Viticulture & Enology to ensure that you will meet coursework and GPA requirements. Please click here for specific requirements for transferring in to the Department of Viticulture & Enology. In addition to the department requirements, students must also meet University Admission requirements.

Changing Majors into Viticulture & Enology Students from other majors on campus may change their degree objective into this major, provided they have met the coursework and GPA requirements found here.