• Can I take Viticulture and Enology classes in the Department without being enrolled in the graduate or undergraduate program?
  • Yes, students may enroll in the UC Davis Extension Open Campus through UC Davis Extension. However, in reality, upper-division V&E classes are impacted (they have too many students), while Open Campus students are given last place in registration priority, so that they are generally unable to register for them. Note that listed course prerequisites must still be met.
  • Where else can I obtain Viticulture & Enology training without being an enrolled student?
  • If you would like to expand your knowledge of grape-growing and winemaking without becoming a full-time students, you should consider taking one or more "short courses" through UC Davis Extension's Winemaking program. Courses range in duration from one day to three weeks and are completely separate from the courses offered through UC Davis. Note that short courses do not carry university credit and thus cannot be applied to a degree program.
    UC Davis Extension also offers a five-course Certificate Program in Winemaking that is entirely online.
  • I already have a  Bachelor's degree in another field, can I just apply to this program for a second Bachelor's degree?
  • The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the College of Biological Sciences and the College of Letters and Science do not accept second baccalaureate applicants.