V&E Extension

Extension program

The mission of the UC Davis Viticulture and Enology extension and outreach program is to keep California stakeholders informed about the latest in research and teaching as well as help our stakeholders maintain a high standard of know-how. To meet our goal, UCD V&E Extension organizes and produces 10-12 educational programs each year, both on campus and at various locations around the state. These programs are targeted to grape and wine industry professionals who want to maintain their technical knowledge by keeping up to date with the latest advances in applied research as well as refresher courses.

Our seminars fall into two categories:

On Campus

Programs dedicated to showcasing the latest research, both basic and applied, as well as updated information to keep stakeholders current with respect to skills, methods and professional development.

Off Campus

These off campus programs take place at various venues around the State of California.  They are continuing education programs for grape and wine industry professionals.  There are two types of Off Campus Programs.

To get information on upcoming classes and to be added to our mailing list, email Caroline Firman at cjfirman@ucdavis.edu.