Oakville Station

The department’s Oakville Station is a unique university facility—a 40-acre research vineyard located in the heart of the Napa Valley. In addition to vineyards, the station has the Harry E. Jacob Research Facility, which houses the Robert J. Barone Laboratory. For more than 50 years, the department has conducted critical viticulture research at this site, including trials of clones, rootstocks, vine spacing, pruning levels, and irrigation, to name just a few. Based on the success of the new Davis-based facilities, department faculty are creating a vision for the Oakville Station that will strengthen its use for teaching, research, and extension, drawing industry to the facilities to incorporate the new knowledge created there and innovative technologies tested or developed in its vineyards. Professor Andy Walker is leading the team that is creating this vision. The team has sought input within the department and from industry stakeholders; a process that will continue as the vision is solidified and implemented, thereby maximizing the research and extension impact of this important departmental resource now and for the future.