The printer in the Computer Lab is available for printing materials directly related to your course work. It is not to be used for printing personal materials or web pages.

  • You will receive a $10.00 print quota when your account is set up, and at the begining of each academic quarter excluding Summer sessions. 
  • Your quota will be decrimented $.05 for each printed page.
  • You can purchase additional print quota by purchasing reams of paper from the Bookstore. For each ream (500 sheets) of "92 Brightness 20 pound White" paper you bring to the Tech Support office in 1122 RMI North, you will receive $5.00 of print quota. We will only accept unopened reams. You can also deposit the reams is the paper drop box ajacent to the printer in the Computer lab. The drop box is checked regularly but emailing bftvtech@ucdavis.ed will ensure a faster response.
  • If the printer runs out of paper, is low on toner, has a paper jam or other problems, contact Computer Support in 1122 RMI North or email Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself.
  • If you need to print on paper other than the paper provided, get approval from the Computer Support prior to using it. If you use your own paper without approval you shall be responsible for the costs of repairing the damage caused by non-approved paper.
  • Your account may be revoked if you are found violating these rules.