Gluconacetobacter entanii

Genus/species (aliases): Gluconacetobacter entanii

Gram Stain: Gram negative 

Cell: non motile, non flagellated rods, preferentially in pairs
Colony: Small round light grey to light brown colony
Liquid Growth: (ie dispersed, pellicle, film, clumpy)

Physiological Traits: Growth only shown in the presence of ethanol and acetic acid. 

Ecological Traits: This microbe has only been found in high acid spirit vinegar fermentations.

Distinguishing Features: Only grows in the presence of acetic acid and ethanol with weak growth shown on sorbitol.

Role in wine: None found, though it will only grow in concentrations of ethanol and acetic acid above 6%. Has been identified in musts and juices.


  • SO2:unknown
  • Sorbate:unknown
  • DMDC:unknown;
  • pH: >2.2
  • Acids:needs acetate
  • Ethanol: >3%
  • Anaerobiosis:
  • Heat:unknown