Career Prospects

Cellar photo

Graduates of this Department hold a significant number of technical positions in the California and United States grape and wine industries. Many international students have returned to their countries to take up key positions within the grape and wine industries or at universities. Enologists may find positions as cellar workers, lab technicians, winemakers, wine consultants, wine critics, fermentation researchers or managers in wineries and other wine-related businesses, such as cooperages, distribution and retail businesses. Viticulturists may find positions as field workers, vineyard managers, crop researchers, pest control advisers, grower relations consultants, fruit negociants, or agricultural loan officers in vineyards and crop-related businesses.

The demand for graduates in these areas has been generally good for more than 25 years. Typically, our enology graduates are able to find appropriate employment upon graduation throughout California or across the U.S. Many students take temporary harvest positions immediately after graduation; either here or in Europe, and some will gain additional experience in Australia (or elsewhere in the Southern hemisphere) during the crush six months later before seeking full-time employment. You may view a list of available positions here.