Statement on Diversity

The Department of Viticulture and Enology is committed to building and nurturing a community of inclusion, one that thrives on diversity, equity and equality. The foundation of our community is respect for each other and for that which makes us different.  The discovery,  innovation, and application of new knowledge for which we are known internationally derives from the vibrancy and connectedness of our diverse and extended community of current and former students, staff, industry and faculty members. We embrace the UCD Principles of Community and “confront and reject all manifestations of discrimination."

Broadening Horizons Program

Broadening Horizons is a departmental effort that focuses on continuing to build and support a diverse student population. Through outreach programs, projects and initiatives, Viticulture and Enology is committed to improving the quality of our program and the education of our students by encouraging a culture of diversity and inclusion through proactive outreach and leadership.  To learn more about the program and support our efforts, please contact Elizabeth Price, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Department of Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis,

Hear from Juan Alonso, 2018 graduate

Contacts for Broadening Horizons Program




Prospective students from St. Helena High School visit the UC Davis LEED Platinum Teaching and Research Winery
Prospective students from MESA group - Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement visit the UC Davis LEED Platinum Teaching and Research Winery