Science Enabling Art

All winemaking practitioners know intuitively that wine can be made without science, but the result is seldom marketable, and possibly not even drinkable for long.  Therefore, in order to make a wine that truly speaks to both the vineyard and the winemaker’s skills, and is a success in the marketplace, requires a strong technical background in science as well as a refined palate and the innate ability to call on both to know exactly when fruit has reached the perfect level of maturity for harvest to target a preferred wine style. 

The Science Enabling Art programs begin with a background in sound scientific theory and practice to establish the necessary quality control measures in a winery, and then supplement that with the sensory skills required to finesse a wine that reflects the winemaker’s targeted style.   Our programs help professionals know when and how to make wine with that wine’s chemical profile as a guide, not as a formulation.  The numbers should assist, not dictate; this is stressed in Science Enabling Art programs.