Current Issues

These seminars are specially designed in response to specific issues or concerns of timely importance to the wine industry.  For example, in summer 2008, the West Coast experienced an unusually high incidence of wildfires which eventually led to a distinct taint in wines made from grapes exposed to the smoke in late ripening. VENSource brought in researchers from Australia, where wildfires are regular occurrences, for a day-long discussion about the impact of smoke on grapes and wine and remedial actions that can be taken to minimize the taint.  In 2012, we  brought together wine industry professionals and academics in  a one-day seminar to discuss the use of flash détente, a new technology to the US at that time,  to correct for botrytis infection,  pyrazine control and color enhancement.  These seminars are organized to address industry-wide concerns in a timely and practical manner.