Recognizing Non‐Microbial Taints

Wine Flavor 101C: Recognizing Non‐Microbial Taints
May 18, 2017

8:30am‐9:00: Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00‐9:10: Welcome: Linda Bisson, Professor, Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis

AM session: Taints Arising in the Vineyard

9:10‐9:30: Vegetal and Green Taints: Linda Bisson

9:30‐9:40: Pour Vegetal‐Taint Wines

9:40‐9:55: Tasting of Vegetal Wines

9:55‐10:10: Evaluation of Green Characters as Tubed Aroma Standards

10:10‐10:25: Break

10:25‐10:45: Floral /Terpene Taints; Anita Oberholster, Cooperative Extension Specialist in Enology, UC Davis

10:45‐11:00: Evaluation of Floral/Terpene Taints as Tubed Aroma Standards

11:00‐11:20: Earthy and Mushroom Taints: Linda Bisson

11:20‐11:30: Evaluation of Earthy Taints as Tubed Aroma Standards

11:30‐12:15: Reducing Green Aromas in the Vineyard: Nick Dokoozlian, VP Viticulture, Chemistry and Enology, E&J Gallo Winery

12:15‐1:00: LUNCH

PM Session: Post‐Fermentation Taints

1:00‐1:30: Oxidative Damage of Wines: Linda Bisson

1:30‐1:40: Break

1:40‐1:55: Tasting of Oxidized Wines

1:55‐2:15: Cork Taints: Anita Oberholster

2:15‐2:30: Break

2:30‐3:10: The Winemaker’s Tool Kit: Sue Langstaff, Applied Sensory, LLC

3:00‐3:50: Minimizing Taints during Winemaking: Signe Zoller, Zoller Wine Consulting

3:50‐4:00: Final Comments and Adjournment