Technology Update: Flash Détente

Wine Flavor 101 Technology Update:  Flash Détente

January 27, 2012   10:00am - 2:30pm

U C Davis Conference Center


9:00am             Coffee and Registration

10:00                Welcome:  Linda Bisson, Viticulture & Enology UC Davis

10:10                Overview of Vegetal Characters: Sue Ebeler, Viticulture & Enology UC Davis

10:30                Introduction to Flash Détente:  Eric Laumann, Monterey Pacific

11:00                Impact of Flash on Tannins:  Doug AdamsViticulture & Enology UC Davis

11:30                Practical Applications: Barry Gnekow, Consultant

11:45pm           BREAK / boxed lunch

12:30                Winemaker Panel: Paul Clifton, Smith and Hook; Kristin Belair, Honig; Eric Laumann, Monterey Pacific; Mike Chupp, Fetzer; Rick Jones, Moderator

Tasting: This will be an extensive tasting of red and white flash-detente wines from diverse AVAs, using various production strategies to achieve differing styles and flavor profiles. It will be the most comprehensive group of samples representing a specific winemaking technique that we have shown in the Wine Flavor 101 series.

2:30pm             Wrap-up and Discussion