Issues in Fermentation Management

Issues in Fermentation Management, 2011

August 4, 2011   Freeborn Hall, UC Davis


8:30- 9:00          Registration and coffee

9:00-9:05             Welcome: Linda Bisson, UC Davis Viticulture & Enology

9:05-9:45             Yeast Nutrition and Fermentation Progression: Linda Bisson

9:45-10:15           Temperature and Other Stressors:  Linda Bisson

10:15-10:30         BREAK

10:30-11:00         Impact of Yeast Strain Diversity: Lucy Joseph, UC Davis, Viticulture & Enology

11:00-11:30         When Wild Flora Go Bad: Lisa Van de Water, Vinotec Napa

11:30-12:00         Discussion of Best Practices for Fermentation Management: Linda, Lisa & Lucy

12:00-1:30           LUNCH

1:30-2:00             Overview of Problem Fermentations: Linda Bisson

2:00-2:30             Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies for Arrested Fermentations: Lisa Van de    Water

2:30-2:45             Discussion of Problem Fermentations, Prevention and Mitigation: Linda & Lisa

2:45-3:00             BREAK

3:00-3:30             Off-Character Formation during Fermentation: Anita Oberholster, UC Davis  Viticulture & Enology

3:30-4:00             Production Options and Strategies for Dealing with Off-Characters: Chik Brenneman, UC Davis Viticulture & Enology

4:00-4:30             Discussion of Off-Character Production: Anita and Chik