RAVE 2009: A Focus on Flavor

A Focus on Flavor, the RAVE2009 program, is now available to Trellis Alliance members for viewing below:

1. Welcome - A Focus on Flavor:  Dr Andrew Waterhouse   http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Welcome/index.htm

2. Flavor Compounds of Grapes and Wine:  Dr Susan Ebeler  http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Ebeler/index.htm

3. Vine Vigor, Balance and Methoxypyrazines in Cabernet Franc: Dr Alan Lakso http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Lakso/index.htm

4. Correspondence Between the Physiological Status of Vines, Soil Properties and Fruit Sensory Properties: Sallie Hess 

5. Phenolics and Amino Acids in Fruit and Wine; Influence of Rootstocks: Dr Doug Adams  http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Adams/index.htm

6. Viticultural Practices Impacting Raisin Grape Quality and Sensory Assessment of Raisin Flavor:  Dr Matthew Fidelibus     http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Fidelibus/index.htm

7. Grape Breeding with an Emphasis on Flavor:  Dr Andy Walker   http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Walker/index.htm

8. Berry Shrivel and Wine Quality: Dr Mark Krasnow  http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Krasnow/index.htm

9. Microbial Contributions to Wine Flavor: Dr Linda Bisson  http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Bisson/index.htm

10. Replacement of Bentonite; Emphasis on Flavor Retention: Dr Roger Boulton http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Boulton/index.htm

11. Effect of Oxidation on Wine Flavor Evolution, A Review:  Dr Andrew Waterhouse http://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Waterhouse/index.htm

12.  Beyond LEED Platinum; New Technologies for Green Winemaking:  Dr Roger Boultonhttp://stream.ucanr.org/rave2009/Boulton-LEEDS/index.htm