Office Hours with Dave and Anita, Episode 16: Delayed Spring Growth and Cold Damage in the Vineyard

June 17 Office Hours

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Delayed Spring Growth and Cold Damage in the Vineyard

Kaan Kurtural, (Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist, Viticulture, UC Davis), Larry Bettiga, (Viticulture Farm Advisor, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties), Mark Battany, (Area Viticulture Advisor, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties), and Matt Fidelibus (Cooperative Extension Specialist, Viticulture, UC Davis) will discuss Delayed Spring Growth and Cold Weather Damage in Grapevines.  Growers across the state are reporting similar symptoms, but it may take an experienced eye to differentiate what is delayed spring growth and what is cold damage.  The presenters will also talk about how to bring these vineyards back to productivity given the water availability we have at the moment. 

They will then answer questions from attendees.

This is a virtual event presented via Zoom. 


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