Vineyard Safety

Viticulture and Enology Workshop and Vineyard Code of Safe Practices for Injury and Illness Prevention Program

This code of safe practices may be amended or added to whenever is deemed necessary

1. Appropriate protective equipment, gloves, goggles, safety glasses, respirators, dust masks will be worn as required by the safety officer.
2. All faculty, staff, and students will follow safe procedures related to chemical safety, hazard chemical safety, electrical safety, biohazard safety, pesticide safety, agricultural chemical safety, forklift safety, and specific protocols related to individual projects.
3. All equipment and implements will be maintained in a safe working order
4. Ill, fatigued, or injured faculty, staff, and students will inform the safety officer or delegate immediately in order to insure the safety of the individual(s) involved
5. All faculty, staff, and students will review the “Viticulture and Enology Workshops and Vineyards Orientation and Safety Review” form in order to be familiar with the safety procedures of the workshops and vineyards.”
6. All faculty, staff, and students will wear covered shoes, long pants, shirts (not “tank tops”) while working in the VEN workshops and vineyards.

More infomation is available in the attached pdf file.