Vernon Altman

Vernon Altman

Vernon Altman

Position Title
Advisory Partner

Bain & Company


Vernon Altman is currently Advisory Partner of Bain & Company. Formerly, he was Bain’s Senior Partner, globally, and a member of its Board of Directors and Policy Committee. Mr. Altman joined Bain at its founding in 1973 and is the only remaining founder in the firm. He has experience in virtually every important industry sector, with particular emphasis on Technology, Telecommunications, Media, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial and Consumer products/services, Retailing and Pharma.

Mr. Altman founded Bain’s Technology and Telecommunications Practice, as well as its A&D practice, together representing about one third of Bain’s world-wide business. Mr. Altman also founded Bain’s Full Potential Transformation Practice, focusing on assisting companies Transform themselves and achieve their Enterprise Full Potential. He also founded the firm’s European, Asia and U.S. West Coast practices, and has broad experience in strategy development and implementation for U.S. and international corporations.

Mr. Altman is Lead Director of publicly-held Abaxis Corporation (point of care human and animal blood testing equipment), and is Chairman of Vobile Inc., a private digital media company focusing on media content protection (movies and TV shows) and related content identification applications. Formerly he was Director of publicly-held Napster.

In the non-profit world, Mr. Altman has served on the Boards of The San Francisco Bay Area Council, The California Business Roundtable, The California Chamber of Commerce, KQED, and The Tech Museum of San Jose. Prior to joining Bain, Mr. Altman held positions at General Electric and Honeywell.

He received Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Masters in Management from MIT’s Sloan School. He currently serves on two MIT Corporation Visiting Committees: Engineering Systems Division and Sloan School of Management.