Confrerie des Chevaliers duTastevin

LogoOriginally founded in 1703 as the Ordre de la Boisson and resurrected under its current name in 1934, the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin is an exclusive club of Burgundy wine enthusiasts. The primary goal of the organization is: "To hold in high regard and encourage the use of the products of Burgundy, particularly her great wines and her regional cuisine. To maintain and revive the festivities, customs, and tradtions of the Burgundian folklore, and to encourage people from all over the world to visit Burgundy."

This scholarship is to assist a senior student or recent graduate from the V&E Department for an internship with Burgundy Wine Producers during the harvest and wine making session. The program is run in collaboration with the University of Burgundy, at Dijon, France.