On the road in Paso Robles

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UC Davis Viticulture and Enology on the road…in Paso Robles

J. Lohr Paso Robles Wine Center

April 11, 2012





   Time              Speaker                               Title


9:00-9:15       Karen Block               Introduction and department update

9:15-9:45       Anita Oberholster     Influence of winemaking practices on wine

composition and quality:  research past, present and future

9:45-10:15     David Block                Effect of sterile membrane and pad filtration on

the sensory and chemical properties of wine

10:15-10:30   Break 

10:30-11:00   Linda Bisson              Overview of off character formation

11:00-11:30   David Block                Yeast cell membrane composition and its effect

on ethanol tolerance and problem wine fermentations

11:30-12:00   Panelists                     Identifying short and long term challenges in

grape growing and winemaking

12:00-1:00     Lunch

1:00-1:30       Andrew Walker         Breeding rootstocks for salt and drought


1:30-2:15       Linda Bisson              Impact of Brettanomyces on flavor

2:15-3:00       Andrew Walker         A checklist/discussion of how to replant


3:00-4:00        Wine and Cheese       Interaction time

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