Evaluating Thirty-Four Grape Rootstocks for Resistance to Root-knot Nematode Strains

Walker, M.A.
Major Prof
Walker, M.A.

Grape rootstocks with broad resistance against nematodes and other soils pests, combined with the ability to produce high quality fruit, are greatly needed. Thirty-four grape rootstocks were screened for resistance to Meloidogyne incognita Race 3 (Chitwood 1949) under greenhouse conditions. Resistance was evaluated by counting egg masses on the roots after staining with eosin dye. The genotypes 043-43, 10-17A, 10-23B, 101-14Mgt, 1103P, 1447P, 1616C, 6-19B, Boerner, Dog Ridge, Freedom, Harmony, K51-32, 5BB, and Ramsey were resistant to M. incognita Race 3. These rootstocks were then screened for resistance under the same conditions to 50/50 mixture of a M. arenaria and a M. incognita strain selected for their ability to feed on Harmony and Freedom. The genotypes 10-23B, 1616C, 043-43, 99R, 10-17A, Bogner, 101-14Mgt, and Ramsey were resistant to this mixed inoculum.