Kaan Kurtural

Kaan Kurtural

Kaan Kurtural, Ph.D.

Position Title
Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist, Viticulture

Viticulture and Enology

1380 Oakville Grade Road, Oakville CA 94562
1380 Oakville Grade Road, Oakville CA 94562


Dr. Kaan Kurtural joined the department November 2015 as a new Cooperative Extension Specialist in Viticulture. Dr. Kurtural’s research focuses on three main parts with short and long-term outcomes:

1) improving production efficiency in vineyards by applying principles of canopy and crop load management using vineyard mechanization and applied water amounts;

2) identifying quality improvement traits in berry composition by translating fundamental research into applied production practices in vineyards;

3) evaluating alternative methods of control invasive species in vineyards.