Computing Account Application

Steps for obtaining a VEN Computing or Computer Lab Account:
  1. Read the UC Davis Acceptable Use Policy and Computer Lab Policies which can be found at: If you donít have access to a computer with Web access, there are computers at Shields Library you can use to read the policies. You must be listed in the UC Davis System as a student, employee, or a temporary affiliate and be affiliated with the Department to get an account.
  2. If you agree to abide by the rules you have read in step 1, fill out this application and press the submit button to print a copy and send the data for processing.
  3. Take the printed application to the Computer Support office in 1122 RMI for a brief orientation on using the computers and to choose a password. Bring your Student or picture ID. You may want to call first (530-752-8208 or 530-752-3065) to make sure someone is available to give you an orientation.
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