1) Does Viticulture and Enology have a Ph.D. program?

No, Viticulture & Enology Department does not offer a Ph.D. program. Students wishing to continue on after their MS degree in Viticulture and Enology must apply to another graduate group.

2) Can I take viticulture and enology classes without being enrolled in the graduate or undergraduate program?

Yes, students may enroll through Open Campus through UC Davis Extension on the first day of class on a space available basis, and instructor permission. Note that to minimally understand our courses you must have completed course work or training equivalent to the listed course prerequisites.

3) Where else can I obtain training without being enrolled in the graduate or undergraduate program?

Students unable to come to campus for a full degree program may consider taking one or more "short courses" through UC Davis Extension. Courses range in duration from one day to three weeks and are completely separate from the courses offered through UC Davis. Note that short courses do not carry university credit and thus cannot be applied to a degree program.

4) Does UC Davis offer a Winemaking Certificate Program?

Yes. UC Davis Extension offers a Certificate Program in Winemaking for Distance Learners. Click here to obtain the latest information.

5) I already have a MS in Science and don’t want to do research and write a thesis. Do you offer a non thesis M.S?

Yes. Our graduate M.S. program offers two tracks, Plan I research and thesis; and Plan II - Professional Science Masters (PSM), internship, small scale project, and a comprehensive exam.  Both of these tracks will provide you with much of the same coursework necessary for a career in the wine industry.

6) What is the ratio of men versus women in the Viticulture & Enology program(s).

Over the past ten years the percentage of men versus women in our programs has not significantly changed. We have approximately 45% female, 55% male. The undergraduate program has approximately 100 students.