Mike Anderson
Staff Research Associate
Mauri J. Anderson
Staff Research Associate
Karen L. Block
Industry Relations Manager
Kay Bogart
Outreach Specialist
Charles "Chik" Brenneman
Jill Brigham
Executive Director, Sust. Wine & Food Proc. Ctr.
Annegret Cantu
Cary Doyle
Staff Research Associate
Rosa Figueroa-Balderas
Associate Specialist
Tom Fortis
IT Manager
Paul Green
Cellar and Winery Operations
Helene Hopfer
Food Safety and Measurement Facility, Research Dir
Lucy Joseph
Senior Museum Scientist-Curator
Kim A. Nash
Executive Assistant to the Chair
Daniel Ng
Staff Research Associate
Melissa Pellini
Assistant Winemaker
Nicole Rabaud
Program Representative
Jennifer Radke
Chief Administrative Officer
Mike Ramsey
Teaching Laboratory Manager
Jon C. Schadt
Website Design & Construction and Computer Support
Teena Stockert
Staff Research Associate
Andrea E.H. Thompson
Special Projects Manager
Maggie Tuttle
Advising Assistant
Linda Wiegand