Amand N. Kasimatis

 Amand N. Kasimatis

Although retired from the University of California for a dozen years, I still maintain a passion for viticulture and the California wine grape industry. I am able to pursue my interests as a part-time consulting viticulturist working primarily with grape growers.

The prices for wine grapes are at an all time high and this has stimulated a major planting boom in many viticultural areas, notably the Central Coast and the Northern San Joaquin Valley. No longer are the wine grape varieties noted for quality limited to cooler growing areas. There is a strong demand for wine from traditional varieties to be sold at supermarket prices. At the same time the demand for premium quality wine, notably red, has strengthened as well. Thus, it is an exciting time for a viticulturist in adapting to new technology with practices such as canopy management, spacing, supports, rootstock, and clonal selection. All this in a favorable climate of grower-winemaker interactions.

In addition to my activities in viticulture, I devote time to volunteer activities with Suicide Prevention and Davis Lutheran Church, as well as with our children and grandchildren.

  • Cooperative Extension Viticulture Specialist, Emeritus