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WineFlavor 101A: Recognition of Wine Off-Characters


Friday Dec 9th 2011


Freeborn Hall, UCD campus


We are starting the 2011-12 series of the hugely-popular Wine Flavor 101 series of industry-targeted seminars with a day of discussion and evaluation of three of the major classes of taints encountered in wine. We're acting on your suggestions: a discussion of the most important taints in wine, how to recognize them and what to do when you encounter them, is the topic that was mentioned most often in evaluations at last season's Wine Flavor series, as the one you would like to see addressed this year. So our experts, and our winemaker panelists, will discuss oxidation effects, mustiness and Brettanomyces taints at our 2011-12 WineFlavor 101A seminar.
Remember, these WineFlavor 101 classes are unique, and especially valuable, because of the personal nature of the information that is presented; our speakers/panelists introduce a topic and discuss how the impact characters are expressed in the wine, then the attendees are able to personally evaluate wines, in special tastings, that exhibit the characters discussed in the lecture. We encourage audience participation, so bring your ideas and questions for discussion.
NOTE: These classes are targeted specifically to wine and winegrape industry professionals and, as such, are technical in nature. Register early as these classes have been very popular and often sell out before the event date.
The tentative agenda, which could change slightly between now and December 9, is as follows:

Wine Flavor 101A: Recognition of Wine Off-Characters
Friday, December 9, 2011
Freeborn Hall, UCD Campus

8:00 a.m. Coffee and Registration
9:00 Welcome and Overview of Todays Off-Characters Linda Bisson, Viticulture & Enology, UCD
9:15 Musty Taints
Anita Oberholster, Cooperative Extension Specialist in Enology, UCD
9:45 Break
10:00 Tasting: Musty Taints (spiked wines)
10:30 Oxidative/Reductive Taints
Linda Bisson, Viticulture & Enology, UCD
11:15 Break
11:30 Tasting: Oxidative/Reductive Taints (spiked wines)
1:00pm Botrytis Update (possibly a winemaker panel)
Linda Bisson, Viticulture & Enology, UCD
1:45 Survey of Brettanomyces Impact Characters
Lucy Joseph, Viticulture & Enology, UCD
2:15 Break
2:30 Tasting: Most Common Brettanomyces Characters (spiked wines)
2:45 Brettanomyces Strategies in Commercial Wines
Winemaker panel:
Linda Bisson: moderator
3:45 Break
4:00 Tasting: Commercial wines showing Brett characters
4:30 General Discussion and Adjournment

Cost: $200.00, includes continental breakfast, lunch and all tastings
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