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Authentication of Food and Wine Symposium


Sunday Mar 21st 2010


Moscone Center


Authentication of foods, wines and beverages for varietal, country (or region)-of origin,
and processing conditions is becoming of increasing concern to consumers and regulators
both in the US and internationally. As markets become more globalized and foods and
beverages are sourced from many locations outside of the US, the need for information
on product authenticity is becoming mandated either by legal regulations or by market
demand. However, there are significant chemical and analytical challenges faced in
confirming food authenticity and determining food adulteration. A two-day symposium
at the upcoming American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting in San Francisco
(March 21-22, 2010) will provide up-to-date information on methods and applications of
food and wine authentication. We have confirmed a number of national and international
experts to speak at this symposium (see list below).
The symposium will highlight international research in the area of wine and food
authentication and will increase industry awareness of the need for multidisciplinary
research in this area. The audience for the symposium will be very broad-based and will
include industry, government and academic scientists in the fields of food science,
wine/beer/spirits chemistry, flavor and fragrance chemistry, nutraceuticals, etc. Based on
previous work we have done in this area, we expect this symposium to generate a
significant amount of interest from the news media



American Chemical Society