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Recent Advances in Viticulture & Enology


Thursday Mar 18th 2010


Freeborn Hall, UC Davis campus


Learn how to increase the sustainability of winery and vineyard operations. RAVE2010 will focus on sustainability, defined as a minimal environmental impact or footprint aimed at promoting a healthy and balanced ecosystem. The program will include discussion of practices that sustain viticultural environments (air, water and soil) for future generations and are capable of the production high quality winegrapes, table grapes, raisin grapes and wines. These practices include the overall goals of minimizing undesirable impacts on air and water quality and natural biodiversity, and enhancing ecosystem quality. Adoption of sustainable winemaking practices is as important as astute agricultural stewardship. Strategies for minimizing winery footprints will also be presented.
Presented by the UC Davis Department of Viticulture & Enology, RAVE annually shares the latest in applied research and fosters communication between industry and researchers.



Department of Viticulture & Enology