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35th Annual Meeting of the Plant Growth Regulation Society of America


Sunday Aug 3rd 2008


Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Mqarket Street, San Francisco, CA


August 3rd - 7th, 2008 at Hotel Whitcomb, San Francisco, CA (
This conference will feature invited and contributed papers reporting on basic and applied research in the field of plant growth regulation. There will also be a special session devoted to industry research and news, and a poster session. Contributions from students and young scientists are encouraged and will be eligible for awards.
The four symposia include:
1)The physiological basis of fruit quality: a better understanding of fruit quality is needed to identify practices that will improve the appearance, texture and flavor of fruits. In this session, speakers will present new informationon the physiological basis for fruit quality in apples, oranges, grapes and peaches.
2)Delivery systems for plant growth regulators: Often, many significant technological challenges must be overcome to develop effective and efficient delivery methods for delivery of PGRs. In this symposia, experts will provide insights into the role that spray technology, formulation chemistry and plant cuticles may play in the delivery of PGRs.
3)Science of plant biostimulants: There is increasing interest in developing natural agrochemicals. Many natural biostimulants contain PGRs or have PGR-like properties, and this session will present regulatory concerns and recent research results from this emerging discipline.
4)New plant growth regulators for ornamental plants: plant growth regulators are important tools for enhancing the appearance of ornamental plants. In this seminar, industry scientists will new products available for ornamentals.



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