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U C Davis Grape Day at the Oakville Station


Wednesday Jun 6th 2018


UC Davis Oakvilee Station, 1380 Oakville Grade, Oakville, CA


Save the Date: Wednesday June 6, 2018
Where: UC Davis Oakville Station, 1380 Oakville Grade Road, Oakville CA
Time: 9:00am to 2:00pm
Cost: $45.00 includes coffee, lunch and all demonstrations
The program, which may change slightly before June 6, is outlined here:

U C Davis Grape Day at the Oakville Station

1. New Trellis Systems - Kaan Kurtural, Extension Specialist in Viticulture, UC Davis
2. Weed Control Options for Non-Producing and Production Vineyards - Jon Roncoroni, Weed Specialist, UCCE Napa County
3. Cultivars and Clones - Diego Barrison, Herrick Grapevine Nursery
4. Vector Biology of Grapevine Red Blotch Virus - Cindy Prieto and Frank Zalom, UC Davis
5. Air-Blast Sprayer Calibration: Lynn Wunderlich - Viticulture Farm Advisor, UCCE Sierra Foothills
6. TBD: Monica Cooper, Viticulture Farm Advisor, UCCE Napa County
8. Demonstration: Mechanical Shoot Removal and Suckering - Steve Roland, V-Mech
9. Demonstration: Mechanical Leaf Removal - Thomas Clemens, Clemens Vineyard Products
10. Demonstration: Mechanical Harvesters and Options - John Felice, Pellenc USA

You are encouraged to bring your questions and concerns to this Grape Day program, as we will allow time and opportunities for you to interact one-on-one with the speakers.



Dept of Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis