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Current Developments in Vineyard Mechanization & Precision Management


Friday Apr 22nd 2016


UCD Conference Center


Save the Date: Friday, April 22, 2016
Where: UC Conference Center and the Robert Mondavi Institute Teaching and Research Vineyard
Time: 9:00am to about 4:00pm
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Current Developments in Vineyard Mechanization & Precision Management

The Department of Viticulture & Enology is proud to present our first V&E Extension program focused on the most current research in various vineyard mechanization and precision management systems. The morning program will be lectures by the experts, describing the research and results in some detail, and the afternoon will be devoted to actual vineyard demonstrations of the equipment and procedures described in the morning session.
This program will also be an introduction to our Departments new UCCE Viticulture Extension Specialist, Dr Kaan Kurtural, who will moderate the days program and present much of his own research on vineyard mechanization and its impact on vineyard productivity variables, as well as resultant winegrape and wine quality. Many of you probably already know Dr Kurtural and his work, but this is our opportunity to highlight not only his mechanization and precision viticulture experience, but how hell be expanding the scope of applied research and its extension in his position at UCD V&E.

The morning program, which will probably change slightly before the program date, will feature lectures discussing:

Vineyard mechanization for both large and small scale growers; the drive to precision management Kaan Kurtural
Impact of commercial grape production practices, such as mechanization, on resultant winegrape and wine composition James Kennedy
Precision delineation of soil properties in vineyards Jean-Jacques Lambert
Single-vine irrigation to address variability in vineyards David Block
Spot spraying using drones in vineyards Ken Giles

The afternoon in-field demonstrations will include mechanized pruning and shoot thinning equipment from both Clemens and V-Mech, single vine irrigation systems, a variable rate recirculating sprayer, and a drone spot sprayer. This in-field demonstration portion of the program is a first for us, so be sure you dont miss it! It will be led by all the speakers, above.

Enrollment is limited, so be sure you register soon for this day-long program of lectures and field demonstrations highlighting the latest practical developments in mechanization of vineyard management systems, and what we know about how they will impact winegrape composition.


Cost: $200.00, includes continental breakfast, lunch and handouts

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