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Current Issues in Vineyard Soil Management


Thursday Feb 12th 2015


UC Davis


Andy Walker, Jean-Jacques Lambert, Linda Bisson and I invite you save the dates for two very timely seminars on issues that we know are of critical importance to all our VENSource audience.

Weve made a special effort and are bringing you 2 consecutive seminars, on Thursday, February 12 and Friday, February 13, 2015. But the really big news is that for the first time, we are able to offer a discount for attending both. The normal rate of $200 applies to each individual class, but if you attend both, we can offer you Thursdays AND Fridays seminars for one fee: $300.

Thursdays class will be moderated by our soil scientist, Jean Jacques Lambert. Lecture topics will include: An Overview of Pests in Soil and Sustainable Control Measures, Soil Factors in Vineyard Establishment, Cover Crop Management, Assessment and Management of Soil Fertility and Vine Health, Rootstock/Soil Interactions, Introduction to Precision Viticulture, Oakville Precision Viticulture Irrigation Project, and a panel of growers with experience in non-uniform soils.

Fridays class will be moderated by Andy Walker and will include our keynote speaker, Dr Thomas Harter, UCCE Groundwater Hydrologist who assisted in the writing of the bills that were eventually passed into law in September by both houses of the California Legislature. Hell discuss the situation that led to the drafting of the bills, the implications of the legislation, and its practical impact on California agriculture. There will be a panel of UCCE regional specialists representing areas of California that have been impacted most by water use issues, and their strategies for practically measures to deal with the eventual changes. Well also have faculty and staff discuss some practical vineyard technologies and strategies to improve winegrape quality while maximizing water efficiency. Its become much simpler with surface renewal technology now commercially available. Then there will be a discussion of the same strategies for winery personnel, and wrap up with a tour of our Jackson Sustainable Winery facility, where various vineyard and winery technologies will be demonstrated.

The programs are being finalized now, but since these cross-over seminars always draw a good crowd, we wanted to give you time to include one, or both, in your calendar.

Expect to have the registration information available and sent out soon, probably by the first week of January, if not sooner.