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2013-14 Winemaking with the Numbers


Friday Dec 13th 2013


Jess S Jackson Sustainabale Winery Building


On Friday December 13th we will launch a new series of programs to accompany our popular Wine Flavor 101 and Issues Courses under the rubric of ?Science behind the Art?. The purpose of these programs will be to provide information on how to work with analytical data to both improve and target wine quality. This first program will be held in our new Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Building at the RMI. Parking is available at the South Entry Parking Structure and adjacent visitor parking lots, across Hilgard Lane from the RMI, off Old Davis Road. Since we will not be near the bookstore or other venues attendees like to visit over the lunch break, we will have a special lunch speaker. Roger Boulton will take advantage of our location in the Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Building to describe the work that has already been initiated at the facility and what is planned for the future to enable the wine industry to move to an even higher level of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

In addition, Hildegarde Heymann and Helene Hopfer are looking for wine professionals interested in tasting and scoring 10 red wines for us on Fri, the 13th of December. In order to accommodate as many as possible we're offering tastings between 7am and 7pm, and a tasting will take no longer than 30min. The tasting will be in the Wine Sensory laboratory in the RMI Sensory building, very close to the Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Building, where the seminar is being held. If you are interested in participating and/or have more questions, please contact Helene Hopfer .

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the 13th.
2013-14 Winemaking with the Numbers: Wine Assessment, Monitoring and Quality Management
Friday December 13, 2013

8:30-9:00: Registration
9:00-9:10: Welcome - Linda Bisson, UC Davis, Viticulture & Enology
9:10-10:00: SO2 Measurement and Management ? Chik Brenneman, UC Davis, Viticulture & Enology
10:00-10:30: Assessments of Microbial Activity in Wine ? Linda Bisson
10:30-10:45: BREAK
10:45-11:15: Microbial Population Analysis - Lucy Joseph, UC Davis, Viticulture & Enology
11:15-12:00: Assessment of Sanitation Practices - Mike Ramsey, UC Davis, Viticulture & Enology
Noon ? 1:00: LUNCH
Lunch Speaker: The Future Winery: Design and Implementation of Sustainable Practices for Wine Production- Roger Boulton, UC Davis, Viticulture & Enology
1:00-1:30: Oxygen Measurements in Wine ? Jonathan Cave, UC Davis, Viticulture & Enology
1:30-2:15: 2013: An Excellent Year for Phenolics ? Scott McLeod, Consultant, Safe Harbor Wine Storage and Wine XRay
2:15-2:30: BREAK
2:30-3:15: Oak and Oak Amendment Profiling ? Tom Collins, UC Davis, Viticulture & Enology
3:15-3:55: Relating Instrumental Analyses to Wine Sensory Profile ? Helene Hopfer, UC Davis, Viticulture & Enology
3:55-4:00: Wrap up and Adjournment ? Linda Bisson
4:00-4:30: Optional participation in wine sensory study ? Helene Hopfer, RMI Wine Sensory Building

Cost: $200.00, includes continental breakfast, lunch and all handouts
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