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12-13 WineFlavor 101F: Uses, Issues and Innovation in Wine Fining


Friday Jun 7th 2013


Freeborn Hall, UCD campus


VENSource is closing up the 2012-13 series of the hugely-popular Wine Flavor 101 seminars, with a day of discussion and evaluation of the legal and practical issues surrounding the use of fining agents in a winery. Our experts (take a look at the speakers, below) will discuss those issues from the suppliers? perspective, the Federal Government?s regulatory perspective, and from the winemaker?s perspective. We're acting on your suggestions: we received numerous requests to offer a class on fining: especially any government regulations regarding new fining agents, but also the impact of your choice of fining agents and regime on wine quality. The agenda is below.
Remember, these WineFlavor 101 classes are unique, and especially valuable, because of the personal nature of the information that is presented; our speakers/panelists introduce a topic and discuss how the impact characters are expressed in the wine, then the attendees are able to personally evaluate wines, in special tastings, that exhibit the characters discussed in the lecture. We encourage audience participation, so bring your ideas and questions for discussion.
NOTE: Register early, as these classes have been very popular and often sell out before the event date

12-13 Wine Flavor 101F: Uses, Issues and Innovation in Wine Fining
8:30-9:00: Registration
9:00-9:10: Welcome: Anita Oberholster, Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis
9:10-9:50: Overview of Wine Fining: Linda Bisson, Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis
9:50-10:20: Pending Fining Agent Regulations: Mari Kirrane, TTB
10:20-10:35: Break
10:35-11:30: Supplier Panel: Innovation in Fining Agents: Toni Stockhausen, ATP; Jose Santos, EnartisVinquiry; Kathy McGrath, Scott Labs
11:30-12:00: Design of Fining Trials and Fining Trial Assessment: Anita Oberholster
12:00-1:00: LUNCH
1:00-1:30: Tasting
1:30-2:30: Winemaker Panel: Use of Fining Agents: Signe Zoller, Zoller Wine Consulting; Margaret Davenport, Davenport & Company, the Art and Craft of Fine Winemaking;
2:30-3:00: Fining for Defects Removal: Chik Brenneman, Winemaker, Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis
3:00-3:15: BREAK
3:15-3:45: Tasting
3:45-4:00: Final comments: Linda Bisson

Cost: $200.00, includes continental breakfast, lunch and all tastings
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