Research Summaries

In an attempt to keep our VenSource membership informed about current research efforts in winegrape growing and winemaking, we have selected to review a number of articles on those subjects that we feel are especially relevant and timely. Although there is a great deal of research data published regularly in journals and scientific publications, it is often difficult to locate those articles and then to take the time to read and assess them. And they are often written to be reviewed by other researchers and/or academics, so their practical, or applied, value may be difficult to discern.

So, our writers have chosen to review these articles in a concise yet comprehensive style so we accurately represent the original author’s conclusions, but do so in a more approachable way whenever we can. We will be adding to our current list of reviewed articles as often as we can. Your input or suggestions for topics are always welcome, as are any of your comments about what you’d like the VenSource to do for you. Our goal is to keep you informed.

Canopy Management - 27 Green Approaches - 10 Irrigation - 21 Nutrition - 13 Other - 29 Pests And Diseases - 17 Phenolics And Color - 37 Roots And Soils - 20 Vineyard Design - 7 Vineyard Establishment - 1 Wine Microbiology - 18 Wine Production - 31 Wine Sensory - 33