Vi•ti•cul•ture - n. : the cultivation or culture of grapes

Enol•o•gy - n. :a science that deals with wine and wine making

The V&E Department combines the sciences of viticulture and enology in a single research and teaching unit that encompasses all of the scientific disciplines that impact grape growing and winemaking. For over one hundred years the University of California has maintained an active and productive program in research and education in viticulture and enology. The continuing excellence of the Department has enabled California growers and vintners to develop practices that have allowed the Golden State to achieve its potential and become a premier wine-producing region.

Linda Bisson awarded the Charles P. Nash Prize

Congratulations to Linda Bisson for being awarded the 2014 Charles P. Nash Prize by the Davis Faculty Association.  The award is granted for exceptional achievement in promoting shared governance and advocating for Senate and Federation member interests and welfare! Given Dr. Bisson's dedication and incredible amount of sustained service to the department, College, and University, this is certainly a well-deserved honor.

Linda will be honored at a dinner in late April.

To learn more about the Charles P. Nash Prize, click here.

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