Scholarships and Endowments

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Ted Markoczy Memorial Fund

<p>Ted Markoczy, along with brothers Tom and Michael Collins purchased 30 acres on Limerick Lane in 1977. The trio admitted the land was &quot;challenged&quot; and put their best efforts into clearing the fields, razing the decepit buildings, and caring for long nelgected vines while planting new ones. The quality of their fruit inspired the partners to produce their own wine and create a winery; Limerick Lane Cellars was born. </p><p>When Ted passed away in 2002, he left his share of Limerick Lane Cellars and Limerick Lane Vineyard to the Department of V&amp;E at UC Davis. It is this gift that created the Ted Markoczy Memorial Fund. It is the goal of this endowment to support high priority activities of the department, such as seminar speakers. </p>