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Robert Lawrence Balzer Scholarship

August 10, 1982 found the friends and family of Robert Lawrence Balzer celebrating his 70th Birthday. Famed actor and friend, Burgess Meredith served as host, this tribute dinner raised the funds for the Robert Lawrence Balzer Scholarship. A true renaissance man, Balzer was an actor, a chef, a Buddhist monk, a teacher, and a wine enthusiast from day one; it was reported at this birthday celebration that he returned his first bottle at age of six weeks! Robert knows everyone from Hollywood to Cambodia and regularly rubbed elbows with world leaders and Hollywood elite. He now resides in Santa Ana, California.<p>This endowment was established to support one or more students in viticulture and enology who demonstrate academic acheivement and potential and to futher encourage outstanding students to pursue a career in enology and vitculture.</p>