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Pearl & Albert J. Winkler Scholarship

<p>Albert J. Winkler was one of the world&#39;s greatest horticulturists and is credited as being the father of modern day viticulture in California. &quot;Wink&quot;, as he was known to friends and family, received his PhD from Berkeley in 1921 and came to Davis as an associate in viticulture that same year. He served as department chair from 1935-1957 and retired in 1963, serving two years past the age of mandatory retirement. His CV lists over 150 publications. Wink was a major force in the building of the enology building, which has served the department as a primary teaching structure for over 68 years. His awards are legion: recognition by the Office International de la Vigne et du Vin, Merit Award of the American Society of Enologist, Honorary Law Degree from UCDavis, and the naming of our departmental library and conference room as the Winkler Library.</p><p>Winkler was described as being a friendly, unselfish man with a postive outlook on life. Wink married his hometown sweetheart, Viola Lily Pearl Bueher in 1919, and together they came to Berkeley where he finished his studies in horticulture. </p><p>When Albert J. Winkler announced his retirement is 1963, Chancellor Emil Mrak and Department Chair Maynard Amerine decided to honor him with a scholarship in his name. Winkler was thrilled, for he was a financial aid student himself during his graduate study years. Friends and family quickly supported the idea, and the endowment grew. When he as his wife passed away, the endowment increased as friends and family honored this amazing couple.</p><p>This endowment supports a student of good standing in the Department of Viticulture and Enology, per Dr. Winkler&#39;s wishes. </p>