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Paul Monk Scholarship

<p>Australian researcher, Dr. Paul Monk was a distinguished wine microbiologist. For many years he represented Lallemand and was able to share his experience with the wine industry on a global level. </p><p> Lallemand Inc. is a privately held Canadian company specializing in the development, production, and marketing of yeasts and bacteria. The company has <span>four</span> major divisions: North American Bakers Yeast and Ingredients (based in Chicago, USA), European Yeast (based in Vienna, Austria)<span>,</span> Specialty (based in Toulouse, France)<span> and Lallemand South Africa (based in Johannesburg, RSA)</span>. Administrative offices for the parent company are in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>This scholarship is to support a graduate student working in the field of Yeast Microbiology and Functional Genetics. </p>