Scholarships and Endowments

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Canandaigua Wine Company, Inc. Scholarship Fund

<p>In 1976, the Guild Wineries and Distilleries established the Guild Wineries and Distilleries Scholarship Fund with the intent of honoring a different designee with each award. Past honorees include: Walter E. Kite, Kerby T. Anderson, Charles J. Welch, Lawrence Quaccia, Roy W. Mineau, Frederick Vogt, Joseph V. Kovacevich, Gerladine E. Ulrich, Chester V. Steinhauer, Raymond H. Mettler, Art Musso, Ruben Moser, Albert B. Cribari, Elie C. Skofis, John B. Cella II. </p><p> In 1995, Canandaigua Wine Company bought Guild Wineries and Distributors and asked that the scholarship name be changed to the Canandaigua Wine Company Inc Scholarship. </p><p>Canandaigua Wine Company desired to suport an undergraduate student of good academic standing entering their junior or senior year of study who has a keen interest in the California wine industry. </p>