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Foster's Wines Estates

<p>When Walt Klenz retired as CEO of Beringer Blass Wine Estates, the company--now Foster&#39;s Wine Estates America--honored him by creating the Walt Klenz Lecture Series on Wine Business. Lectures are to be on subjects relating to the business of wine, with the goal of offering cutting edge information to our students. </p><p>In 2001, Walt celebrated his 25th year with Beringer Blass/Foster&#39;s Wine Estates. He joined the company in 1976 and served as the marketing director of Beringer Vineyards, then as general manager of C&amp;B Imports, later he became vice president of finance and administration, then he served as senior vice president of finance/operations, and in 1990, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer. </p><p>Klenz holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Tulane University. He was an officer in the United States Air Force from 1968 to 1972. Klenz began is career in the wine industry with Heublein in 1973 as a finanical and marketing manager. This San Francisco native now spends his time with his family at their homes in Arizona and the Napa Valley. </p>