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Fisher Scientific

<p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal"><span></span>In May of 2006, Thermo Electron Corp. (Waltham, MA) and Fisher Scientific International Inc. (Hampton, NH) announced that both companies&#39; boards had unanimously approved a merger. Under the agreement, the two firms will join to form Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., and will be a leading provider of laboratory products and services.<span> </span>They are expected to achieve revenues of more than $9 billion in 2007. </p> <p>Paul Montrone was CEO of Fisher since 1991 and chairman since 1998. Under Montrone&#39;s leadership, Fisher has grown from a North American manufacturer and distributor into a global powerhouse serving approximately 145 countries on six continents. </p><p><br />Fisher Scientific donated to the campus winery campaign via its matching gift program for employees who give to philanthropic causes.</p>