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Barry Bergman

<p>Barry Bergman&#39;s interest is wines grew from his older brother&#39;s experiences in the restaurant business. This compelled Barry to enroll in our Fermentation Science program. While still a student, Bergman worked in the cellar at RH Phillips; he was offered the position of assistant winemaker in 1989 and was appointed winemaker in 1994. Bergman has led the development of the company&#39;s four brands: Toasted Head, EXP, RH Phillips, and Kempton Clark. A life-long-learner, Bergman enjoys traveling to wineries in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Canada, and Australia. His travels have inspired him to initiate a tempranillo program at RH Phillips in hopes of making a Dunnigan Hills variation on this Spanish classic.</p><p>Bergman is a donor to the campus winery campaign. </p>