Wine Flavor 101

Students in Flavor 101 seminar

These day-long seminars are intensive exercises in relating wine attributes or defects to those attributes’ or defects’ sensory implications in wine.  VENSource was the first to use this unique and personal learning tool in an actual classroom setting.  To achieve this, a lecture regarding a specific attribute is delivered by a researcher or professional considered an expert in the field. Following the lecture, a set of 5 to 8 wines containing the actual attribute(s) discussed in the preceding lecture is poured for each attendee.  This learning experience is unique because the discussion (audio) portion of the experience is followed directly by a tasting, or sensory evaluation of the attribute discussed, allowing each person to  draw their own very personal and powerful correlation between the characteristic and its sensory implication in wine. These WineFlavor 101 programs have been our most popular.