WineFlavor 101A: Wine Quality: Making Objective Decisions from Subjective Data
Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at the UC Conference Center

8:30-9:00: Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:10: Welcome: Anita Oberholster, UCCE Specialist in Enology, Department of
Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis

9:10-9:50: Wine Quality: Operational and Aspirational Targeting: Linda Bisson, Department of Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis

9:50- 10:30: Integration of Chemical and Sensory Analysis in Wine Aroma: Sue Ebeler,
Department of Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis

10:30-10:45: BREAK

10:45 -12:15: Methods of Assessment of Sensory Differences Using Olive Oil as a
Case Study: Includes Olive Oil Tasting: Janet Williams, Sensory Insights Consulting

12:15-1:00: LUNCH

1:00- 1:45: The Chemical Components of Wine Quality: Anita Oberholster

1:45-2:25: An Integrated Approach to Wine Quality Assessment: Cal Dennison, Senior
Director of Winemaking; Marie Shubin, Director of Consumer Information Center;
and Anna Roberts, Director of Winestyle & Product Guidance, E&J Gallo Winery;
Anita Oberholster, Moderator

2:25- 2:40: BREAK

2:40-3:55: Winemaker Panel: Use of Sensory Analyses in Winemaking Decisions:
Elizabeth Vianna, Chimney Rock Winery; Nate Weis, Silver Oak; Rob Davis,
Jordan; Nicki Pruss, NC Cellars; Linda Bisson, Moderator

3:55-4:00: Wrap up: Anita Oberholster