Utility Vehicle Cart (Dept)

Chik Brennneman
Paul Green

ROOM 104 & 105 Enology Bldg
Phone: 754-9067 & 754-5585

 The Department has two EZ Go Gasoline Powered Utility Carts avaiable for official department business use only.

Rules and Policy for checking out the carts:

  1. No one who has not been trained in cart operation will be allowed to use the carts.  Training is conducted by winery staff only
  2. Carts are checked on a one day basis. 
  3. Vehicle must be returned by 5 pm the day of check out to the winery for overnight storage and lock down.
  4. Training records are maintained in the winery managers office
More infomation is provided with the attahced EZ Go Safety Training PDF document

EZ Go Safety Training.doc