International Canopy Management Symposium Honored Professor Emeritus, Dr Mark Kliewer

The world’s leading experts in grapevine canopy management were all on hand on July 16th at Freeborn Hall in Davis to honor UCD’s Professor Emeritus, Dr Mark Kliewer at a day-long symposium entitled “Recent Advances in Grapevine Canopy Management”.  Dr Kliewer, whose tenure teaching and doing research in the Department of Viticulture & Enology spanned the years from 1973 to 1994, organized the first international symposium on grapevine canopy management in 1986, also held at UC Davis.  He had 17 PhD graduates under his tutelage and was responsible for 20 MS students in that period, also. He is shown in the photo at right, with his hands in a grapevine canopy again, discussing management with another of his former students, Carlos Tizio-Mayer, in Argentina.
The symposium honoring Dr Kliewer came on the fourth day of a week of scientific meetings, group tours, poster sessions and lectures as part of the 16th Congress of GiESCO (loosely translated as Group of International Experts of viniviticultural Systems for CoOperation), organized and chaired by Dr. Jim Wolpert, of UCD Department of Viticulture & Enology.  The audience compromised a “Who’s Who” of viticultural researchers from around the world.
The list of speakers included:
1) Dr Nick Dokoozlian, who received his PhD with Dr Kliewer, moderated the symposium and gave an overview of canopy management in California over the past 20 years. He is currently VP of Viticulture at E&J Gallo in Modesto;
2) Dr Pat Bowen, who received her PhD with Dr Kliewer, talked about Dr Kliewer’s contributions to the foundation of canopy management research.  She is currently  doing viticultural research in Canada;
3) Dr Hans Schultz, who received his Masters’ with Dr Kliewer, talked about the eco-physiology of grapevine canopy systems.  He teaches and does research at Geisenheim in Germany;
4) Dr Peter Clingeleffer, of CSIRO Plant Industry in Australia, talked about the influence of canopy management systems on vine productivity and fruit composition;
5) Dr Alan Lakso, Dr Kliewer’s first PhD student, and now a professor and researcher at Cornell University, discussed vine balance;
6) Dr Alain Carbonneau, of Montpellier in France, is the current President of GiESCO and a world-renowned expert on grapevines. He talked about the evolution of canopy management practices and their future as subjects of scientific modeling;
7) Dr Stefano Poni, from Catholic University in Italy, another world-renowned expert, talked about his experiences with the evolution of canopy management practices in his native country;
8) Dr Richard Smart, of Tasmania, author of Sunlight into Wine, spoke about his experiences with innovative trellis-styles. Designed to increase winegrape quality as well as yield, in instances,  and his frustrations at the industry’s failure to adopt many of his recommendations;
9) There was a panel discussion with all the speakers that prompted many audience questions;
10) and finally, Dr Kliewer gave the closing remarks

The audience response was tremendous and the wine social following the event was a big success, with lots of great wines donated by wineries who also wished to recognize the many accomplishments of Dr W Mark Kliewer, who is now living out his dream retirement growing Pinot Noir in Oregon!