WOS - Without Salary Appointments

Contact Payroll Team: venpayroll@ucdavis.edu

Marianne Goetze 752-1717

Room 1162

Non-Citizens:  If a person is associated with the department but is not actually being paid by department, they may be added to the payroll system as "Without Salary", usually using title code 3050 which is an Associate in the AES (Agricultural Experiment Station).  We use this appointment for any visiting non-citizen scholar who will be at UCDavis at least 3 months or for any visiting scholar who ranks as a professor or other higher position in their own country 

U.S. Citizens:  It is also used for U.S. citizens who are closely associated with UC Davi, such as USDA employees or employees from other institutions who are working closely with UC Davis P.I.s

Reasons for WOS:  The WOS appointment provides the individual with a UC employee ID number which can be used for library access, getting a UC Davis E-mail account, and for getting parking privilages. 
C.A.E.S. also requires the WOS appointment for any person who will be affiiliated with the Department for at least 3 months so they can track them.

Requirements for appointment: 
Brief department letter describing the department’s relationship with the scholar: the expected duration of the appointment, the person’s relevant background, who they are collaborating with, and what they will be doing. Signed by department Chair or Vice Chair. 
A C.V. or Academic Biography form, and publication list, if applicable.
These must be approved by the C.A.E.S. Dean’s Office.

Appointments can have a 2-year duration and they are renewable